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Fiber Internet for Small Business.

Fiber and DSL High Speed Internet from Telx is always a fast and reliable choice to power your business.  Our advanced network combines blazing fast speeds with best-in-class reliability and speed test result consistency. We take the time to understand your organizations specific requirements, and build a solution that makes sense.  From high-speed VDSL to get fast speeds and a low price, or Fiber Internet that will run your business at the speed of light, Telx has you covered.  To complete your solution, Telx can create a perfect high-speed WiFi network to connect multiple devices simultaneously to minimize speed loss. Fiber Internet for Business is currently  available in Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA and parts of  Southern Ontario.

High Speed DSL

No Contracts Unlimited UsageMany Wifi Router Options Available

Hi-Speed Internet 6
$59.95 /month

Download Speed: 6 Mbps

Express Internet 10
$69.95 /month

Download Speed: 10 Mbps

Ultra Internet 16
$79.95 /month

Download Speed: 16 Mbps

Extreme Internet 25
$99.95 /month

Download Speed: 25 Mbps

Fiber Internet for Small Business

Fiber Optic Internet is fast becoming the standard for businesses that can’t compromise on their Internet speed, reliability, and consistency. Telx provides Fiber Internet for Small Business connectivity which literally brings fiber optic cables right into your office. Telx TruFibre Internet is as good as it gets – for the best price.

Symmetrical Access Unlimited Usage Ultimate Reliability

TruFibre 50

Download Speed: 50 Mbps
Upload Speed: 50 Mbps

TruFibre 100

Download Speed: 100 Mbps
Upload Speed: 100 Mbps

TruFibre 200

Download Speed: 200 Mbps
Upload Speed: 200 Mbps

TruFibre 500

Download Speed: 500 Mbps
Upload Speed: 500 Mbps

Prices and availability for Fiber Optic internet are dependent on location. Please contact us, and find out if TruFibre is right for your business.