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Ring-back tone advertising.

        Hey! The new opportunity for no cost! Create a great first impression, improve customer relationships and sell your services/products before you pick up the phone! Ringback tone advertising lets you replace the ring-tone a caller usually hears with a personalized combination of music and voice. This allows you to turn unused…


Office Relocation

Telecom Assessment – Let Telx Help! Office relocation involves a lot of planning – but it is also a great time to update your phone system and Internet services!  This is because moving and maintaining old office telephone systems can be complex, time consuming, and very costly. It is often less expensive and much easier to create…

crm integration services

CRM Integration With Office Phone

Are you looking for a CRM solution that is affordable AND integrates with your phone system? Imagine having your caller’s information automatically populate on your screen when they call, including their previous purchase history, and any other relevant information you choose to track. How about making your call centre more efficient by having the ability…