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Phone Solutions, Internet Solutions for Business. Total office telecom solution. Ontario, Toronto, GTA- Telx Inc. working for you.


Business Internet, Business Phone solutions- the most reliable and cost effective solutions for small business. Telx Inc. offers Phone and Internet for business in Toronto, Telephone Systems and solutions including Hosted PBX and Switchvox Premises-Based IP PBX. Fiber Optic Internet for Business is fast becoming the standard for businesses that can’t compromise on their Internet speed, reliability, and consistency. If you need Broadband services in Toronto, Phone and Internet for Business and home in Toronto, phone for office and home, Hosted PBX, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Integration in Toronto – we can help you. Telx also offers a CRM Software Integration that seamlessly integrates with our Telephone Systems services, giving you the best Phone System/CRM combination available. 

We offer Phone service, Internet service for Small Business in Toronto, phone for office, Hosted PBX, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration, broadband services in Toronto and GTA, Telephone Systems. We are your Internet Service Provider in Ontario.

Telx Inc. is a local and independent telecommunications service provider, and our current goal is to extend our customer base and to launch new services. Telx Inc. offers high quality long distance calling to any destination at very competitive prices. We provide Phone and Internet for business in Toronto, customized Telephone Systems .

Telx is a leader in Phone and Internet for business in Toronto and serves clients across the GTA and surrounding areas with their local and international operations. We specialize in designing and implementing commercial customized Telephone Systems, including hosted PBX solutions, Phone Systems for small and medium size businesses, Switchvox premises-based IP PBX, mobile phone integration, conference calling, and phone lines for your business.


Hosted PBX Phone Systems and Unified Communications Solutions

Imagine if your entire phone system was located and managed remotely from Canada’s leading telecom hub and the only hardware you ever needed to be concerned with was your handset. You would never have to worry about upgrading old or damaged hardware ever again. There would be no need to have expensive technicians to repair or make changes to your system, because it would all be taken care of automatically.

Telx’s Hosted PBX phone systems– Phone solutions for Business, offer businesses game changing features, unparalleled simplicity and reliability, HD voice quality, and the opportunity to save up to 50% on the monthly cost of their existing phone lines. We don’t require long term contracts because we believe Businesess Phone Solutionmust be flexible, and have the ability to scale up or down and adapt as your needs change. Phone for office and home, hosted pbx, customer relationship management (CRM) in Toronto, broadband services in Toronto, phone and internet for business and home in Toronto – Telx is one place for all these services!



  • Streamlined services which can lower monthly costs significantly
  • Flexibility to grow, add or remove phone lines, users, and features as necessary
  • Unlimited free local calls and free calling to any other Telx phone line, regardless of physical location
  • Integrate existing mobile devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets so you will never miss a call
  • Competitive long distance rates
  • One provider for all your office telecommunication needs

Fiber Internet for Business 


Fibre (Fiber) Optic Internet is fast becoming the standard for Businesses Internet that can’t compromise on their Internet speed, reliability, and consistency. Telx provides Fibre to the Business (FTTB) connectivity which literally brings fibre optic cables right into your office. Telx TruFibre Internet is as good as it gets – for the best price.