Business Phone Solutions and Office Phone Service

Telx Inc. is a phone service provider and offers business phone solutions in Toronto and GTA for over 15 years.

Telx offers a wide range of business phone solutions and office phone service, customized for your needs, personalized for your business, including hosted phone systems, On-Premises  PBX based at Asterisk, business phone lines, mobile phone integration, conference calling, fax services, business phones numbers and hardware, and call center service. We are replacing Nortel Phone Systems and other old office phone stations for FREE. We can install a wired phone system, a wireless phone system or a hybrid phone system with combined DECT or Wi-Fi wireless and wired phones.
So do not wait, call us today and get convenience and reliability! You can keep your current business phone numbers, pay less and enjoy new features!

Our Business Phone Solution is affordable and convenient is use.

Why do we offer PBX based on the ASTERISK, not Elastix, FreePBX, PBXinaFlash or 3CX? The short answer is because it is running on the LINUX, the most reliable operation system. The more extended answers you can find HERE

Office Phone Solutions, Business Phone numbers

Business Phone System based at Hosted PBX offers businesses game-changing features, unparalleled simplicity and reliability, HD voice quality, and the opportunity to save up to 45% on the monthly cost of their existing phone lines. Our Business Phone Solutions are simple, reliable, adaptable for customer needs. We build Business Phone Systems with the best hardware from Cisco and other leading manufacturers. We can  build phone systems based on completely hosted, or hosted-premise hybrid models. As a result, Telx Inc’s phone systems are reliable and easy to manage. Business Phone Service from Telx is reliable and affordable!  LEARN MORE

Asterisk – On-Premise Phone Systems

 Asterisk premises-based IP PBX-  Business Phone Systems provides an end-to-end UC solution with enterprise-class features, designed to meet the budget of a SMB. You get the power and control of an affordable on-site solution, without the hassle of expensive add-on features or complicated licensing models.    LEARN MORE

Business Telephone Lines, Business Phone Numbers

Already have a Nortel or other Business Phone Systems, but still, want to save money on your monthly phone bill? Business Phone Lines from Telx Inc. start at just $24.95! Keep your existing phone number(s), and your office phone system. Save on your long distance bill with competitive rates! LEARN MORE

Conference Calling- no monthly account fee!

Telx Inc. supports on-demand domestic and international conference calling, allowing a conference call to be initiated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need to make a reservation or use operators. Holding a conference is as simple as transferring calls to a special internal extension. You can participate in conference calls from any phones, office phone or mobile phone.
For meeting rooms, we recommend having a dedicated conference phone. So do not wait, call us today and get convenience and reliability! LEARN MORE

Mobile Phone Integration

“Find Me / Follow Me” or “One Number Reach” mobile phone integration, allows you to receive all calls directed to your business number or extension on your existing mobile device. After a caller enters your number or extension, your office phone rings a set amount of times. If the call is unanswered, the business phone system will forward the call automatically to your cell phone. As a result, you will never miss a call again, and there is no need to give out your personal mobile phone number. Business Phone Solutions from Telx is reliable and affordable! LEARN MORE

Fax Services

Fax Line/hosted-pbx/
Get a fax line and keep your existing number for just $24.95 per month.

Fax to Email Delivery
Telx Fax to Email Delivery service incoming faxes, to your email address as a PDF file. This service can be used in combination with a Telx Fax Line, or by itself. $9.00 /Month  LEARN MORE


Telephones sets & Hardware

Choose from a selection of commercial-grade IP telephones made by leading global manufacturers for your Business Phone Service. So do not wait, call us today and have these convenient and elegant phones from Telx Inc today!  LEARN MORE

Business Phone System Contact Center service, Call Center service

For many organizations, the ability to provide top quality customer service is what differentiates them from their competition. An in-house call centre service can add value to your organization by ensuring callers receive a consistent, high-quality experience. Telx can design and support a customized contact center services and call center solution to ensure that you are optimizing the number of employees and phone lines by providing tracking information for managers. Business Phone Solutions from Telx is reliable and affordable! LEARN MORE

CRM and Office Phone System integration

Click-to-Call, SMS function, Pop-Up window with a client profile before you pick up the phone, Quotation, Invoicing – all in one place! So do not wait, call us today and get convenience and increase your business productivity! LEARN MORE

Long Distance for BusinessBusiness Long Distance Service

No connection fee

Zero maintenance fee

No account management fee

Telx Access Service is providing a convenient and comfortable way to place long distance calls around the world. Telx offers long distance call services for affordable rates without hidden fees, contracts or the need to switch providers. So, don’t wait, call us today and save your money!

Call us today at 416 628 5800 ext. 555 to get a complimentary communications assessment and find out how a custom designed voice and communications solution by Telx can help your company improve user functionality, efficiency, lower capital, and operating costs.