How is Telx different from other service providers like Bell and Rogers?


Rapid Support:

  • When you contact our support team, you will speak with a real person, and not be redirected to multiple voice menus
  • You don’t need to wait 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even longer, to speak with our live agents
  • You will speak with a knowledgeable agent right away, not be directed from one agent to another
  • Our support team is based locally in Toronto, not overseas


Personalized Service:

  • Insurance companies, doctor’s offices, accountants, and law firms – they all have specialized service requirements. We offer our clients solutions tailored to their business needs


Superior Network Monitoring:

  • Our sophisticated 24/7 monitoring, control, and notification system allows us to take care of each client individually
  • Our system allows us to respond quickly and prevent any service disruption to ensure business-grade quality of service


Rapid Service Modifications:

  • Our customers receive their requested service modifications and updates within hours, not days.
  • Most modifications and upgrades are completed in less than an hour

Our knowledgeable team is always at your service!

Office Relocation

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