Cloud Phone Systems

Telx Inc. is an office phone service provider and has been offering business phone systems and solutions in Toronto and GTA for over 15 years.

The evolution of cloud phone systems is changing the way many businesses operate. A cloud phone system uses the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to provide a complete phone system for businesses at exceptional savings from traditional landlines and telephone wiring costs. The major selling point of cloud phone systems is the ability to enjoy all the benefits of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) while eliminating the need to pay for the infrastructure costs (including the cost of the hardware as well as the setup and maintenance fees for the system).

A hosted PBX from Telx Inc. provides access to a comprehensive and technologically advanced enterprise-grade phone system that is actually hosted at a third-party site. The phone system is accessed digitally via a high-speed internet connection. All of the infrastructure costs and ongoing maintenance work are the responsibility of the provider. This provides stress-free enjoyment of the system for businesses as well as many other benefits in terms of technology and costs.

What Other Benefits Can You Expect with a Cloud Phone System?

Businesses stand to realize a number of important benefits by employing a cloud phone system solution. This is true for both small and large businesses.

A hosted phone system provides superior flexibility that allows the phone system to grow and change at the same rate as the business. For instance, as a business grows it may be necessary to add more phone lines or extensions to the system. For an on-site phone system, this means adding to the existing infrastructure, modifying software, and even running cables.

For a hosted phone system, this type of change can be completed with minimal time, effort and cost. In fact, a hosted phone system will allow a business to add an entirely new location to the system in a fast and efficient manner while eliminating the large upfront costs normally associated with this type of large deployment.

Since a cloud phone system relies on the internet to connect users to the system; mobile phones, tablets and laptops can all be used to access the system by users while they are away from the office. This means that calls can be taken anywhere on any device or forwarded, and missed calls are minimized.

The top vendors offer truly robust cloud phone systems that are exceptionally reliable. These vendors are also able to offer customized solutions that are based on both hosted and on-site systems for a hybrid solution to meet specific business needs.

Simplifying Your Technology

Given the reliance cloud phone system on fast and reliable internet, it makes sense to have a business internet package and a phone system from the same vendor. This greatly simplifies the setup process as well as the monthly billing for the services. Additional savings are often available when the services are “bundled” together.

Telx Inc. is a top telecommunication services provider in the GTA. With over 20 years of experience, Telx offers business internet, phone and long-distance services to clients with a dedication to the latest technologies and unbeatable customer service.