A simple to use, HD-voice Conference Calls to easily connect teams

Telx provides on-demand conference calling, allowing a conference call to be initiated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need to make a reservation or use operators. Holding a conference is as simple. Conference Calls can be local or international, and toll-free calling is also available.  You may review offered Conference Phone sets HERE.

Our Office Phone Systems include One Touch  Conference call capability!

Save money on business trips! We provide International Conferencing for all countries of the world – fast and affordable cooperation.

  • No maintenance fee
  • Simple to use teleconference
  • No reservations needed
  • No contracts required
  • HD voice quality
  • Long distance and toll-free service available
  • Teleconference Call recording available
  • No account management fee

Call us today at 416 628 5800 ext. 555 to get a complimentary communications assessment and find out how a custom designed voice and communications solution by Telx can help your company improve user functionality, efficiency, lower capital, and operating costs.