Contact Center Solutions from Telx create the best customer experience,  provide a excellent customer support solution

For many organizations, the ability to provide top quality customer service is what differentiates them from their competition. An in-house contact center solutions, whether inbound or outbound, can add value to your organization by ensuring callers receive a consistent, high quality experience when a current or potential client is on the line of you customer support call center. Telx can design a unique custom solution to ensure that you optimize the number of employees and telephone lines by providing tracking information for managers. Whether On-Premise or Hosted PBX, Inbound or Outbound, Telx has a call center solution that matches your business’s unique style of customer service. Get everything you need in one turnkey solution – phone sets, lines, numbers, and features, all supported and managed remotely by Telx. Call us at 416-628-5800 or send an email to

Contact Center SolutionsAdvantages of Telx Inc. Contact Center Solutions

  • Simply plug in and start receiving or making calls
  • Customized greeting and call routing options
  • Scalability – add or subtract lines as your needs change
  • Minimize costs, and maximize customer experience
  • Call monitoring and reporting available
  • Calls recording
  • Customized Calls Queues


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