Save on Fax to Email Delivery and Traditional Fax Lines

This automated service recognizes incoming faxes, and sends them to a designated email address as a PDF file. Now you can avoid wasting paper and ink on junk mail messages that will just be thrown out. Contribute to the improvement of the environment!

Simply review the faxes from your inbox, and choose whether or not you want to print them, forward them to a different party, or delete them. This service can be used independently, or in combination with a Traditional Fax Line.

Fax to Email Delivery


Traditional Fax Line



  • Never waste paper or ink on junk mail again
  • Important faxes can be saved and organized digitally
  • Security and Privacy –All incoming faxes can be managed by one person
  • Reliability – This service is always on, and faxes can be accessed anywhere that email is available
  • Get a new fax number, or keep you existing one
  • Use with or without a Traditional Fax Line.

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