Lorna Rochester, Living Assistance Services

“Our business is such where we must have phone service 24/7, every day. We were recently moving offices and needed to have uninterrupted phone service at all times. The last time we moved phone we were using the services of Canada’s oldest and largest phone company and we were without service for more than 5 days, despite giving advance notice and being told that we would not lose service. Now we have grown a lot more, we were very apprehensive and nervous about this move and not having phone service. With Telx and Victor we made the move and our phones worked seamlessly with no down times. To do this, we needed onsite technicians outside regular business hours and this was not an issue. Telx was able to fit into our schedule, unlike most of large companies, did not force us to fit into their schedule. Thank you Telx for being there for us.”

Erik Brack, I.T. Support, Globe-Tek Corporation

“We have used Telx Inc’s services for over a year now – as an Internet provider and also to migrate from our old phone system to Hosted PBX. Hosted PBX was a first for our workplace, and the I.T. challenges this presented were overcome easily with very prompt and diligent help from Telx Inc’s knowledgeable staff. The staff there work in a confident manner which really reassured us that our new services would be up and running as soon as possible. After the Hosted PBX implementation was a success and the staff at Globe-Tek were happy with their new phones we decided to follow through using Telx as out ISP (Internet Service Provider) as we felt comfortable knowing should any issues arise – the staff at Telx will come through in a timely manner.”

T. Rodtsevych

“We have been with the company for 5 years and are very happy with the service.”

G. Tivirikin

“An excellent service, reasonable pricing, reliable support. Highly recommended!”

Y. Gorlov

“Great service and wonderful staff. They are very helpful and are diligent in giving updates if there are any issues. Recommended.”

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