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Experience unmatched reliability with Telx’s home phone line services—a fusion of quality, affordability, and versatility. Our home phone plans are designed to seamlessly integrate with your high-speed internet, allowing you to stay connected wherever you go. Whether it’s for your home business, travel, or a peaceful retreat at your cottage, our home phone line ensures you’re always just a call away. With no additional charges for calls within different cities or countries, and options for free local calls plus unlimited calling to the USA and Canada, we’ve got your communication needs covered.

Revolutionize Your Communication with TelPhone – The Ultimate Internet-Based Phone Line. Switch to TelPhone, the epitome of innovative technology transforming your high-speed internet into a cutting-edge phone line. Telx’s TelPhone is not only the most cost-effective home phone solution in Vaughan but also retains all the traditional features you value. Ideal for business use, travel, and leisure, our services ensure that you remain available, no matter your location.

Connect Globally with Telx’s Home Phone Line Plans. Our services extend beyond boundaries, offering direct calls to numerous international destinations such as Italy, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, the UK, China, Portugal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, and more. Choose Telx for a home phone line that keeps the world within your reach.!

Affordable Home Phone Plans Meeting Your Budget

Home Phone Plan Features

Basic Home Phone Plan – $14.95 Per Month

Get an affordable basic home phone plan without unnecessary features, with access to our special long-distance phone call rates. Try our basic home phone plan and save money. Call more with the Basic Home Phone plan. The reliable and affordable home phone line from Telx.

  • Free local calls
  • Caller ID
  • Keep existing phone number
  • Take your TelPhone anywhere
  • On-line account management
  • Use it for Home Business, for traveling and vacations
Home Phone Plan Free Features: Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three Way Calling
Home Phone Plan Paid Features: Call Recording, Email Delivery of Voicemail Messages, Unlimited North America, Additional Phone Number, Email Delivery of Fax Messages

Advanced Home Phone Plan – $19.95 Per Month

Telx offers an advanced home phone plan with more reach and advanced functions containing endless possibilities. Get direct access to much cheaper long-distance phone calls and unique features. The advanced home phone plan is an ideal & affordable solution for your home phone.

  • Cheap long-distance rates
  • Free local calls anytime and anywhere
  • Caller ID before you answer the call
  • Multiple adds-on available
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Travel with your home line
Advanced Home Phone Free Features: Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three Way Calling
Advanced Home Phone Paid Features: Call Recording, Email Delivery of Voicemail Messages, Unlimited North America, Additional Phone Number, Email Delivery of Fax Messages
Telx Home Phone Plans

Home Phone Plans Adds-On

  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Three Way Calling
  • Call Recording
  • Email Delivery of Voicemail Messages
  • Unlimited North America
  • Additional Phone Number
  • Email Delivery of Fax Messages

Who Is This Home Phone Service For?

  • Families with teenage children who need a cost-effective solution for additional phone lines.
  • Cable High Speed Internet and cell phone users who would like to replace their landline service
  • People who have family and friends in other parts of Canada.
  • Home offices with lots of long distance and overseas calls.
  • Traveling business persons that require a static phone number.

Home Phone Plans to Meet Your Budget

Home Phone Plan Features

  • Unlimted Phone Calls

    Talk as long as you want when you get Telx home phone service. No extra charges on local calls. Get rid of paying extra money on local calls. Stay connected over the internet and talk continuously.

  • Free Local Calls

    Get unlimited free local calls with the Telx phone system. Unlimited calls to Canada and USA are also available. Choose your home phone plan and get unlimited free local calls for your home phone today.

  • Keep Your Phone Number

    You don’t need to change your phone number. Yes! You can keep your existing phone number or pick a new phone number with the Telx home phone system.

  • Special Long Distance Rates

    Get special long-distance phone call rates with the Telx home phone plans. Don’t pay extra charges or hidden costs. Connect with your loved ones or business circle with affordable phone call rates.

  • Caller ID

    Get a unique caller ID with your home telephone. Telx offers home phone plans that can let you have a distinct caller ID. Your phone number and name can appear on the receiver’s phone display.

  • Connectivity Via Adapter or IP

    You can connect your home phone via an adapter or dedicated IP address over the internet. Yes, you can take your TelPhone with you anywhere in the world and plug it.

  • Caller ID Block

    You can keep your calls private by blocking your number and name from appearing on the called party’s telephone display. Your phone number will not appear on their device.

  • Online Access to My Account

    Access your account online with ‘My Account.’ Have online web access to your account to review and pay bills; listen to voicemail; review call logs; and much much more—over the internet.

The advanced and affordable home phone gives you the greatest savings and features that keep you connected wherever you go across the world.

No more expensive home phone bills and extra charges.


Why choose Telx’s Home Phone?

On-the-go access to your home phone

  • Affordable Home Phone

    Phone plans ranging from Basic to Advanced start from $14.95 to $19.95 per month. Stop paying extra for your home phone.

  • Low-Cost International Calling

    Call on international numbers with low-cost phone plan packages. Direct calling to Europe and other countries from your home phone.

  • Keep Existing Phone

    Keep your existing phone with Telx’s Telphone, and no need to change your existing home phone number on activation.

  • HD Voice Quality

    HD voice technology delivers crisp sound performance, whether you’re calling another phone service provider or HD network.

  • Easy Setup & Activation

    Set up your phone instantly and start making free calls in less than 15 minutes. Activate your home phone online anytime.

  • Multiple Add-ons

    Get multiple home phone adds-on, including call recording, email delivery of voice messages, unlimited USA and Canada calling, etc.

What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a kind of hardware and software allowing people to use the Internet as the medium to send and receive telephone calls.

What is a digital home phone service?

Digital Phone Service is powered by VoIP Phone, and the phone is delivered over the Internet.

Is Telphone different from traditional phone line?

TelPhone is a leading-edge technology that allows High-Speed Internet to be used as a phone line. It works virtually the same way as your current local phone service.

What do I need to use TelPhone?

The only things you need to have are high- speed Internet service (Cable or DSL), and gateway that allows you to use your regular phone set or you can decide to use a specialized TelPhone.

Can I keep my home phone service if I move?

Yes, you can keep your service and your phone number. You just need to have a High Speed Internet connection at your new location.

Can I transfer my current phone number to TelPhone?

Currently, you can transfer any landline phone number to TelPhone™ within the available service area. Please call to inquire.

Does our Telphone include 911 and 411 service?

411 service is available but incurs 1$/call charge. 9-1-1 Service is available but has limitations. TelPhone looks and appears to work like a phone, however it is different in that it connects to the Internet, not a telephone line. There are several important factors to consider regarding the impact of this service on your emergency calls. The type of 9-1-1 Service available to you depends on where and how you use your TelPhone service.

Can you have multiple TelPhone lines?

Yes, as long as your Internet connection can support it.


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Keep your existing home phone number without any hassle. Get an instant, free home phone setup. Call today to get your home phone plan from one of the best home phone providers in Canada. Get a fully-featured home phone with Voicemail, Caller ID, and More! Unlimited local calling. No contract.

Telx is a leading home phone service provider, offering the best home phone plans with advanced VoIP home phone features, modern home phone sets, unlimited local phone calls, cheap long-distance calls, direct phone calling to many countries, etc. If you are looking for a VoIP home phone or VoIP business phone for home, Telx, being the best VoIP home phone provider, can help you instantly set up your VoIP phone system with cheap home phone plans. Telx has the best home VoIP server, helping you connect your home phone to the Internet and enabling you to take your phone anywhere in the world. You can take your phone with you to a different city or country and make and receive calls without any additional charges. You can use it for Home Business, traveling, and vacation!

Services Locations for VoIP Home Phones in Vaughan

Telx offers cheap home phone plans in all areas of Vaughan, including Woodbridge, Maple, Thornhill, Concord, and Kleinburg. If you need advanced, affordable home phone plans in any of these locations in Vaughan, Telx provides the best VoIP home phone services to your area.