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Save Money and Time with Telx Inc.! We are pleased to offer you long distance phone service from Telx Inc. We provide high-quality  worldwide calls at the lowest possible rates, specializing in Eastern-European countries. We have the best voice quality and competitive price for calls to Asian and African countries!

Telx Access Service is providing a convenient and comfortable way to place long distance calls around the world. Telx offers overseas calls call services at cheap rates without hidden fees, contracts or the need to switch providers.

Direct dialing by access numbers – no PIN required!

long distance calls & international calls

Long distance calls from Telx is reliable and affordable! So, don’t wait, call us today and save your money!

We have:

  • No contract

  • No connection fee

  • No account fee

  • The Best Voice Quality!

We have not:

  • have any advanced, additional or hidden charges

  • charge you for subscribing or unsubscribing from our long distance phone service

  • need you to disconnect from your present long distance provider

Direct Access or Pin for long distance calls


You can make LD calls without a PIN, only you need to register your phone number.

Your account can be assigned a permanent PIN that you can use from anywhere to make long distance calls. If you don’t want to be limited to calling only from registered numbers you can always use this option. International Calls made using your PIN will appear on your online bill just like calls made from a registered phone number.

Access to Long Distance Calls 

Telx Access Service provides a convenient way to place overseas calls without hidden fees, contracts or the need to switch providers.