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Residental Telephone Plans

about TelPhone works just like your regular local phone line, only it is less expensive. This service is also known as Voice-over-I.P or VoIP, Broadband Phone Service. TelPhone Service allows you to make telephone calls over a Broadband connection.

The VoIP system converts the voice signal recorded by your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the Internet and is then converted back to a voice signal that regular phones use. You can use your TelPhone Service anywhere where you can connect to High Speed Internet. As a result, you can take your VoIP phone or adapter to a different city or country and make and receive calls without any additional charges.

What you get:

Phone service that works on both DSL and Cable High Speed Internet Service
Significant long distance savings over traditional phone service
A phone “line” that travels with you. Our service will work as long as there’s access to High Speed Internet
FREE calling to any other TelPhone phone regardless of physical location


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$14.95 /month

A modern home phone plan without unnecessary features. Get access to our special long distance rates. Save money and call more with the Basic Home phone plan.

$19.95 /month

The Advanced Home plan has all the features of our basic service and more. Get access to cheaper long distance rates and unique features not available with traditional services.