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Ukrainian and Russian TV

Get exclusive access to your favorite Russian and Ukrainian television channels delivered at your TV set.

Telx IPTV offers content from Russia and Ukraine and another countries 24 hours a day. Using a Android Set Top Box user can view their favorite television channels available in World Wide Web. Set up is very easy and requires no advanced technical expertise.



Hardware: IPTV Set-Top-Box Android MINIX NEO X6 or another model.

Internet: High speed internet with a minimum speed of 2.0 Mbps. Test your Internet connection speed at

Installation is easy and requires no technical expertise. Start watching your favorite Russian and Ukrainian language programs in three easy steps!


minix6bConnect your Android Media Hub to power and your modem using the power adapter and Ethernet cable provided.


Connect the HDMI cables provided to the Android Media Hub.


Connect the HDMI  cable to the television set and press Android Media Hub power button for 3 seconds at .


$29.95 /month

Get exclusive access to your favorite Russian and Ukrainian language programming delivered to your TV set.

Ukrainian Support TV Package
$19.95 /month

Всі канали з України! В прямій трансляції ! Телетека! Найцікавішші передачі! Все це і більше в World Wide Web, а ми допоможемо Вам у цьому!