I have been using TELX INC. internet phone service for two years and have found it to provide great value for me.

I travel quite a bit and take my TELX internet phone with me wherever I go. For example, on a 4-week vacation in Florida, one of my first things, when I arrived, was to use an ethernet cable and Netgear extender to access the local WIFI and for the next 4 weeks when my Clients called, I was able to deal with them as if I was in my office.

Beyond that, the toll-free service for my Clients (calling from anywhere in North America to reach me wherever I happen to be in North America at the time) is an outstanding feature. And if I am not available to take the call, the caller can leave a voice message and their phone number appears in my notebook computer’s email inbox to let me know a call has come in.

I also like the fact that with TELX, wherever I happen to be, I can get inbound faxes on my internet phone, see the image on my notebook computer screen and print the fax on my printer as if it were a fax machine with printing capability.